Welcome to DeAnn Clark Ministries

When people find out that I am minister their first question is something like “What denomination are you?” It is always interesting to see their reaction when I say that I teach relationship with the Father, not religion or doctrine. My desire is to reach the hearts of people for Jesus, helping them recognize what God created them to be, and realize the gifts instilled in them.

From an early age I’ve had the call of God in my life. Being the daughter of a Baptist Deacon and a Sunday School teacher I’ve been around Gods “workshop” all my life. Always feeling there was a different level of knowing God I began to search for more. The Holy Spirit lead me into the wonders of God and began giving me glimpses of his incredible presence.

Being blessed with the gift of song, involvement in church theater, musicals, and the choir, just came naturally. Bringing His Anointing to Services through praise and worship came easily. Ministering in praise and worship flowed into teaching God's Word through music. God's Light shines through my ministry as the sound of His Spirit and His Glory touches the people. The Anointing that comes from weaving scripture, teaching, and music together can sweep you up. Bringing you to a place where peace and grace abound as God works His healing wonders.

After years of sharing Jesus with people all over the world, and with the help of some very Anointed musicians I recorded an album bringing warmth and passion to classic hymns, and introducing some original music that will quickly join your favorites. My prayer is that by listening you will take a journey to a place where Gods’ gifts flow into you, and His presence becomes as real as your heartbeat. 

The album “I SEE AN OPEN DOOR” was recorded in the land of song, Wales. Beginning with “Before You Were Born” the album builds with each song to take you on a journey to the dwelling place. The Lords’ power and wonder that echo in my voice and is amplified by the inspired music of Robert
King and Al Steele. Truly this is heartfelt music that when you sing along you are moved deeper into His glory.

If religion has left you thirsty for a drink of the Holy Spirit and my song touches something in your heart, we should begin a journey together. Take a moment and share your heart with me. We will both be blessed because you have taken a step towards what God has written on your heart.